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5 Day Qigong Challenge: Flow with the Elements

Join Lee Anne Simeone for a 5-Day FREE Qigong Challenge, where you'll work with your body's energy to access its infinite well of vitality.

If you've been experiencing stress, chronic fatigue or burnout, these live masterclasses will activate your body's healing potential by moving stress, fear and trauma out of the body with qigong.

What You'll Receive

  • Pre-Recorded Qigong Masterclasses: Join Lee Anne for a 30-minute Qigong Practice. Each day, you'll work with one of the five elements - fire, earth, metal, water and wood - to release tension and move emotions out of the major organs.
  • Journal Prompts: Following qigong, you'll receive a writing prompt that will pinpoint limiting beliefs and emotions, so you can create a new mode of being that aligns with who you're becoming. 
  • Breathwork & Meditation: You'll learn how to relieve stress by bringing your nervous system out of the sympathetic state (fight-or-flight) and into the parasympathetic state (rest-and-digest) through your breath.
  • Lifetime Access to the Challenge


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