I'm so happy you to meet you!
Hi I'm Lee Anne, an intuitive Mindset & Energy Coach
& I'm on a mission to help visionaries, like you, connect with, activate & unleash your inner power & wisdom.
To live a life that feels so good & so aligned with who you truly are.
As a daughter, sister, wife, mother & now grandmother, I've gone through many iterations of me. 
Different phases calling on different aspects of self-discovery & empowerment.  
The more self-aware I become, the more I love & find peace with who I am. 
Understanding yourself allows you to live in your fullest expression of self &
this creates joy & abundance in all areas of your life.


You drop into Flow-state where everything feels in balance & creativity, health, wealth, relationships, thrive with a sense of ease & purpose. 
My journey into this world of self-exploration began years ago when my mom was diagnosed with cancer,
it changed the trajectory of both our lives. I saw how easy it is to lose your sense of self & feel disempowered.
Yet, I instinctively knew there was a wealth of wisdom & power inside that would impact health & happiness. 

This is where everything changed!  

I began searching for & getting certified in the BEST mindset & healing modalities & techniques. 
I've come to know that Everything is Energy!
And by tapping into this infinite source of energy, within & around you, everything is possible! 
You are part of, not disconnected from, the creative energy from which all life flows! 
I needed these reminders & tools myself when I was transitioning through motherhood to empty nesting & into entrepreneurship.
At every level of expansion we need these practices even more! 
I created Mind Body Breathe out of a passion to share these beautiful resources & remind you of your inner power & wisdom! 
It's my honor to hold this sacred space for you as you explore, grow & transform to create a life you love.
With Blessings & Gratitude,
*Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner:
Holden Qigong, New York College of Health Professionals
*Certified Breathwork & Meditation Facilitator:
Academy of Breath, Life Awareness Project, & Hypnobreathwork
*Founding Coach on the Mastry App
* Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, IIN



Qi Gong (chee-kung) is a beautiful ancient form of moving meditation. Through breath and movement it connects the body, mind & spirit to release stress & tension & allow energy to flow in & through you. Qi Gong helps you experience life with joy & far less effort & to be inspired to live each moment more mindfully.

Through regular practice you will achieve:

  • less stress

  • more energy

  • elevated mind, body and spirit



Through pranayama breathing we can immediately shift our energy, emotions and our physical state.

Using many different breathing techniques we can access our intuition, our passion, our stillness & create inner peace & well-being.

With breathwork we can:

  • calm & quiet the mind
  • go deeper & connect to our spirit & our intuition 
  • move the body from fight or flight response to a place of stay & play



Meditation is the ancient practice of quieting the mind-body, increasing self-awareness to reduce stress, promote calmness, relaxation & clarity of mind.

Meditation can be practiced in many ways- mindfulness, mantra & visualization, each one using intention to create the state of being you desire.

With Mediation we can:

  • rewire our brain, release old patterns & create new experiences
  • increase self-esteem, confidence, intuition
  • reduce stress, increase calm & ease