It’s about the journey, not the destination.

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Your soul came here with a unique path and purpose 

The Five Element Archetypes are the keys to discovering what yours are.

 Maybe you know your Zodiac sign, human design or enneagram,

but do you know your Energetic Archetype?

The Five Elements are energies that are found in nature and within you too. And these energies are exhibited through certain personality types: The Magician, The Caregiver, The Alchemist, The Sage and The Visionary. 

Discovering which archetype you mainly are, helps you learn your gifts, what motivates you, what challenges you and to understand yourself on a whole new level. 

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Life is meant to be enjoyed! You get to wake up & feel good every day.
Inside the Mind Body Breathe community of STUDIO MBB, you will find different practices to guide you along your wellness journey.

You know you're ready to feel healthy, happy and excited about your life, but you're just not sure where to begin, I've got you! 

Jump in and find the sessions that work for you and your life. There are over 60+ classes ranging from 7 minutes to one hour! Whatever you are in the mood for you will find in the Studio. 

You've waited long enough, it's time to say, YES to yourself and start feeling good now! 

See you in the Studio! 

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I’ve always believed if you live right, then once is enough.

On this life journey, I've discovered the keys to living each moment with more ease, more joy & less stress. I'm on a mission to share these techniques so you can live a more Empowered, Joyful, Aligned & Abundant life too!

Join me as I hold a safe space for you to transform, create & become the woman you are meant to be! 

"I truly wouldn't be able to serve my community the way that I do without these powerful tools."

Madeline P.

"Lee Anne does a beautiful job of distilling a ton of information into digestible sessions that are easy to understand & apply in the future."

Katie P.
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Private Coaching Opportunities. 


Whether through private VIP containers or corporate coaching, my powerful methodology of mindset coaching, energy activation & Archetype profiling helps my clients discover themselves on an energetic level.

Together, we will curate an individualized healing toolbox of techniques just for you! 




Resources for every stage of self-discovery.

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