What is Hypnobreathwork?

HypnoBreathwork® combines the power of breathwork to clear suppressed emotions and energetic patterns, with hypnosis for visualization and subconscious reprogramming. This optimized process heals unprocessed emotions while rewiring limiting beliefs to create sustainable behavior change.



 is an experiential therapy using circular, connected breaths to access altered states of consciousness and clear suppressed emotions and stagnant energy from the mind and body.

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How is Hypnobreathwork different?

HypnoBreathwork® stimulates different parts of the brain rather than just quieting it down like meditation does.

By working with the theta brainwave frequency, which is a relaxed, meditative state, we are able to open the gateway into the subconscious mind to transform the thoughts & feelings that are no longer serving us.
Through releasing energy, accessing intuition, and getting to the root of emotional charges we can reprogram and take action. 

A Hypnobreathwork experience includes 18 minute active 3-part breathwork followed by meditation. I'll guide you with powerful cues throughout a 6 song playlist. 

A session is typically 45-1 hour to allow for pre/post coaching, sharing & integration.

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Embrace an elevated emotion, create new neural pathways of possibility and gain clarity on the inspired action step to take you to the future vision you desire to create.

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Client Love from past Hypnobreathwork sessions...

"Regardless of what you’re navigating in life, Lee Anne has a gift for holding space & empowering you to connect with your innate wisdom. Since my private hypnotherapy breathwork session, I feel more connected to intuition than ever before because I feel safe in my body & mind. I have so many creative ideas flowing through, & for the first time in a long time, I feel like I have clarity around my soul’s purpose. I cannot recommend Lee Anne enough"

Madeline P.

This session left a lasting impact on me. I gained insight that my mind & body needed to hear. I went into this session after a really difficult day & came out feeling hopeful & calmer. The breath work made me listen to my body & brought my focus inward instead of focusing on life’s chaos. Lee Anne truly cares & even checked in on me the next day & gave me further resources & tools.  I cannot recommend her enough, her energy is positive & beautiful, & this breath work will absolutely make a difference.

Taylor C.

"I must start out by saying that if you have even been a tiny bit curious about Lee Anne’s Hypnobreathwork sessions, DO IT. DO IT. DO IT. It exceeded my expectations and I was blown away at the transformation that was funneled through this container in just an hour. It felt like 5 different experiences wrapped in one. Lee Anne provides guidance before the practice to help you get clear on any known limitations/blocks. Her follow up includes actionables, so you embody + integrate all the realizations provided through the session. The music, the breathwork, the guidance provided through…I’m still reflecting on it days later! 

Nora L.

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Every session is perfectly curated based on your unique needs. The cues, playlist & coaching are created just for you! Do you want to work through Stress & Anxiety? Abundance Mindset? Relationship issues? Wealth & Money beliefs? Confidence? Self-Worth? 

Hypnobreathwork will help you identify & release limiting beliefs & patterns, so you can envision your highest self & future! 

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